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Technical support

 We offer free technical support: 

  • by phone, from Monday to Friday, between 09-18,
         at the following numbers 0723 316.043; 0723 165.421
  • by e-mail at the following address:


What does web hosting mean?

It represents a web hosting service packhage of your site, which includes, besides the posting of your site on the Web server, other services as: email addresses, visitors report, the instaling of scripts and technical support by phone or email.

What are the steps for beeing on the Internet?

Firstly, you need to reserve a domain name, your company name for instance. After that follows making of your web site and hosting it.

Is it necessary for a signed contract?

Yes, for the web hosting services you need a signed contract. You will receive the contract model through email or by post.

If I have no web site?

...none the less you can buy hosting so you can have email addresses on your own domain (like We also offer a free web page (a business card, with contact address) for your future site!

How do I promote my web site?

There are a lot of methods, considering your budget. It is adviseble that all advertising materials which contain the name of your company be supported by your site address (not the email address as well because this will apear on your site).

What concerns the advertising over the Internet, you can do this by signing up in search engines, directories and theme portals, sponsored links, banners (graphic or text), email. Please contact us for more details.

How can you host more domains in the same package?

You can host more web sites purchasing only one service package. This means that the sites use in common the resources (space and traffic) bought. There are two ways to host more sites in one package: forwarding a site to the main site (service called "Parked domain") or hosting another site with different content (service called "Supplementary domain host"). The fee for this service is 1EUR /month.

What will happen if I exceed my assigned traffic?

Before you exceed your assigned traffic you will be announced by email. You can purchase a bigger package (paying only the difference) or you can remain in the same package, paying only the supplementary traffic.