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SSL Certificates: RapidSSL, QuickSSL and True BusinessID

What is SSL?

SSL and TLS are standard protocols for the communication encryption between the user (web browser) and the electronic commerce sites with SSL support (secure sockets layer). The transmitted data between the browser and the server are encrypted using a two-key authentication protocol, one public and the other one private. The data sent from the browser to the server are crypted using the public key of the site, which guarantees that the decoding of the message will be done only by the server which hosts the web site. At the same time, the digital certificate, signed by a certification authority recognized by the browser, guarantees the true identity of the site and prevents the data interception along the transmission line, apart from the communication line.

The users can notice if a site uses a SSL secure connection by the fact that the web browser displays a yellow lock icon in the right corner. Newer versions of browsers, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, displays in the same time the address bar in yellow, ensuring the communication security. The SSL Certificates can be used as well to secure the communication at the application level (like sending and receiving secured emails).


All prices are in EUR and does not include VAT 20%


What is RapidSSL®?

RapidSSL is a certificate on 256 bits, intended for the sites security, for ecommerce aplications and, generally, for sites which collect and process personal data. Unlike other Certification Authorities, RapidSSL owns the certificate with which it signes the issued digital certificates, which gives it a sale price control and an easy instalation for the users.

The issued certificates are recognized by 99% of the web browsers. RapidSSL Certificate is corectly displayed in browsers such as Internet Explorer 5.01 or newer, Netscape 4.7+ and Mozilla 1+ (including Firefox) and, as well, in Linux, Windows or Mac browsers. Due to the small prices, RapidSSL certificates are ideal for the securization of sites which have a low or medium volume of electronic commerce.

What is GeoTrust QuickSSL®?

GeoTrust is the certification authority with the highest growing rate in the last years. The advantages of a QuickSSL Premium  certificate compared to a RapidSSL one are: the certificate is also recognized by mobile devices (phones, PDAs), the picture (seal) which inserts in the trader's web site and the GeoTrust brand, much better known by the clients, which offers a highly confidence degree in the dealer.

What is GeoTrust True Business ID® with EV??

True Business ID® with EV is a new product, premium, especially created for the new Internet Explorer 7 browsers generation, which comes to protect the user against the phising attacks. This certificates are meant for financial institutes, banks and card processors.

The advantage of using a True Business ID with EV  certificate is that you can easily identify a secure conection by the coloration of the address bar in green for the certificated sites and by displaing, near the yellow security lock, the name of the company and the name of the certification authority (GeoTrust).

How much does a SSL Certificate cost?

Our company, as a RapidSSL/GeoTrust partner , offers you promotional prices for the SSL certificates.

The price for a RapidSSL certificate is 25 EUR/year. We offer you discounts for purchasing a certificate for a 2-5 years period and for the certificate renewal. The acquisition of the SSL certificates does not imply the hosting of your web site on our servers.

For ordering a SSL certificate please fill in the form below or contact us.

For details you can read instructions for buying and installing the SSL certificate

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